FOREVER SMARTER: Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence are becoming game changers for your online business

With visionary approaches and the idea of distinguishing yourself from the mainstream and the use of AI, you can conquer entire market segments and take control of the markets of the future.

Far too often, we are experiencing trends in the Internet industry and everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon to get a piece of the pie. However, just how tiny this piece can be is anticipated by looking at the vast amount of solutions and websites that are subject to such trends. Here you can hope for miracles and invest heavily in marketing and campaigns to increase its market share.

We help companies shift their utility curve and, with the support of Artificial Intelligence, give their position in the market uniqueness and thus differentiate themselves from the competition. With specially developed technologies and self-learning sensors, the web content of the future is generated. Here target group addressing and relevance of the contents are in the foreground. The boundaries of classic marketing are broken. Our worldwide solutions are based on research and the recognition of more than twenty million hours of online behavior.

Take a quantum leap with your online business and take your business to the next level of success. Based on our patented technologies, we develop highly intelligent algorithms and implement them in web projects. Projects that generate on average a return on sales of well over a thousand percent for every EUR invested develop into significant assets.

Content Intelligence System (CIS) - dominance in the online business of the future

The use of a Content Intelligence System (CIS) is the first but crucial step in moving toward the next and compelling stage of technological evolution.

Projecting and development
Development of Algortithms and Artificial Intelligence with Smart Data

The value of huge amounts of data is worth only as much as the intelligence of the system that uses and evaluates it.

Projekt Management
Project management as a foundation for sustainability and success

The resources and energy involved in optimization processes are limited and should be used intelligently.

Artificial Intelligence
With Artificial Intelligence, you conquer the online markets of the future

The portals of the next decade will have to face new challenges in order to create completely new value curves.

We support you in the search for the best concept of success

Our experiences are based on data from over 20 million hours of Internet use of our own projects and developments

The company TurboVision
Learning from benefit innovation and the experiences of successful projects

From the planning of a presentation on the Internet to the realization of complex dynamic projects, we accompany our customers with a high level of expertise.

Self-learning algorithms with intelligent sensoric
93 parameters
Ø conversion rate in eBusiness-projects
7.1 percent

Forever Smarter

Forever Smarter

We help companies to shift their value curve and, with the support of Artificial Intelligence, to give their position in the market uniqueness and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Profit Oriented

Profit Oriented

Artificial Intelligence NextIQ ™ proactively influences value curves and assembles site content so that intelligent triggers ensure high conversion rates and profit maximization.

Success Based

Success Based

The projects we have realized have generated a return of more than 4,000 percent in recent years and an average annual growth of 13 percent.

> 25 Years Know-How

> 25 Years Know-How

The development of our Artificial Intelligence is based on over 25 years of experience and realized projects for many well-known companies and world market leaders in more than 20 countries.

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