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Our experiences are based on data from over 20 million hours of Internet use of our own projects and developments

In recent years, we have trained and advised many thousands of companies, organizations and people. Very often, we found that some of them have no answers to the really important questions.

Often it fails because you have no clear idea of ​​the people you want to reach. But that is the key to success. If the target group is not clearly defined, you simply can not answer the other questions. It is almost impossible to sell a Harley Davidson to a single mother with three children, or a grooming line from L'oréal to the Harley Davidson rider.

Without a definition of the target group, without a clear goal and a strong mission associated with it, as well as a brand message, it will be difficult to set up a project in a promising way. Instead, you look at the competition as well as the seemingly current trends and try to orientate yourself. Actually, it is impossible to succeed in this way. The projects are doomed to failure.

Our senior consultant, company founder, investor and author, Thomas Melde, has compiled a compendium of experiences from more than twenty-five years of cooperation with small, medium and large companies as well as projects on an international level with his book "Perspektivwechsel". The collected information comes from the observation of user behavior and the analysis of different target groups in different markets worldwide. For this purpose, the behavior of people from over one hundred countries was examined. The findings and conclusions result from information and data from more than 20 million hours of Internet use in projects that were realized on the basis of own software developments. These are the activities of well over a billion online minutes in which users have accessed self-developed software projects and web portals.

Success concepts are just as valid for project realization on the Internet as in many other areas of life. It is important to understand how the target groups are ticking and that one has to take advantage of the opportunities to actively influence targeting with habitual products. Mental triggers are the key to success. The right way alone will decide whether we will reach our destination in the end. The pyramid concept developed by us is based on the experiences and insights that we have gathered from our national and international projects.

Our visions and big goals lead us to extraordinary results and success. The elements of the pyramid concept show how strongly individual areas and criteria can influence future success and results. We consider comprehensively which measures in online marketing are supported by the right strategy and how to include conversion channels already in the project planning. The formation of assets is the foundation of strong companies and organizations. An online project can also become an asset. The new age offers us more opportunities and opportunities than we can possibly guess today. With the appropriate questions you can recognize this better. We try to help break through rigid and obsolete thinking patterns and explain in our seminars and coaching numerous examples of how negative classical mistakes that we fall victim to every day have a negative effect on the success of projects.

Our ideas and methods are based on research and development results from over twenty years. It is not primarily about adapting your own strategies to current trends or market observations of the competition, but about creating new markets and focusing on innovative user experiences. The experience from many projects and the cooperation with customers in Europe, America and Asia prove the chances of success in various markets, companies and organizations.

The changes of recent years have been so grave that today companies and organizations can no longer afford to cling to old ways of thinking and continue to follow the teachings that build upon the laws of the industrial age. Our world is so fast moving in the information age that many of yesterday's successful concepts no longer work.

Of course, the decision makers have to be ready to put their own ways of thinking to the test. Our ideas, approaches and methods should help to call into question the thought processes that have been deeply rooted for decades and to look for the visionary in ourselves.

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Consulting » Thomas Melde is the head and thought leader of TurboVision. He has been leading the technical development in the company since 2000.Consulting » Thomas Melde is the head and thought leader of TurboVision. He has been leading the technical development in the company since 2000.
Consulting » Thomas Melde is the head and thought leader of TurboVision. He has been leading the technical development in the company since 2000.
Thomas Melde is the head and thought leader of TurboVision. He has been in charge of technical development in the company since 2000....
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