Seven reasons why OnlineBusiness does not generate cash flow

The biggest business killer and reasons why the online business does not generate sufficient cash flow. Take a quantum leap with your online business and take your business to the next level of success

It's all too easy to be impressed by developers sometimes emotional designs and believes here already have found the miracle cure for the success of the future. Even more fatal are decisions that are fixed on budgets or public tenders.

The visual design of a race car is unlikely to determine whether you win the race. The technology already! The successes of the future are increasingly influenced by algorithms and their quality, the intelligence of a portal and the underlying logic of how content is delivered to the target groups.

Thus, in a racing race the selection of tires is an essential aspect that affects the course of the race. Alone the tire profile can be decisive for the race. But it is enough to know which profile is better.

The easiest way would be for a technician to choose between a selection of tire treads that he feels are the best for the next race, the weather conditions, the route, the road surface and the driving characteristics of the car. His ability to produce a suitable tire tread on his own or, at best, to develop the optimum tread for the upcoming race himself, is out of the question.

The variety of agencies that are able to design a website and put online, is massive and unmanageable - as well as the odds of survival in the mainstream of the Internet. Hundreds may have a handful who are also able to leverage proprietary systems and technologies to give their projects and customers a technical edge to differentiate themselves from their highly sought-after market share.

Ultimately, the K.O. criterion will be to find among thousands of providers the one with the intelligence and visionary foresight to develop systems capable of dominating the markets of the future. This is no longer about pixel optimizations in design, generalized phrases of user experience and accessibility - it's all about developing the better algorithm, modifying it in a highly intelligent way. The goal must be to use systems with artificial intelligence that are able to individually and optimally satisfy every visitor to a website and to shift the user curve so that it develops mutually positive - on the part of the customer as well as on the side of the company. Only then will the web project become an asset. Only then can companies and organizations win the race in conquering the online markets of the future.

There are a variety of reasons why most online projects sometimes miss their expectations or even become the zero number. As a result of exploring user behavior from more than a billion minutes of online use by us, the following seven reasons are the main cause of failure.

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