With Artificial Intelligence, you conquer the online markets of the future

The portals of the next decade will have to face new challenges in order to create completely new value curves.

We develop systems based on Artificial Intelligence that will increasingly replace manual processes. But this claim alone does not go far enough. We pursue the vision of creating assets through Artificial Intelligence. A number of our customers, whom we also accompany through research projects, are already clearly feeling the results.

Already shortly after the millennium we started to install the first systems with Artificial Intelligence. Long-term studies have shown that Artificial Intelligence is actively impacting the shift in Nutzenkoor in companies and organizations, and their positive orientation is increasing over the years. Over a period of ten years, the investment costs for the use of artificial intelligence were sometimes less than eight percent compared to the sales growth achieved.

The larger the companies and organizations, the more cumbersome they are to respond to changes in markets and audience behavior. Often, decisions are dependent on individuals whose extent can sometimes be a threat to the company's existence. Artificial intelligence can help to respond to changes in fractions of a second and shift the company's bottom line to a long-term perspective that sets it apart from the competition.

Our subconscious mind is shaped by our perceptions and experiences and helps us with a variety of our daily decisions. Without our subconscious, we would not be able to filter from the amount of information we face every day. Filters ultimately set criteria that we use to make decisions. But our decisions are not always rational. Often we fall into thought traps that we should better avoid. Especially with important decisions, it is necessary to rule out errors of reasoning.

Employees in companies and organizations often talk about exponential growth, but in most cases can not grasp its magnitude rationally.

The following example may perhaps illustrate this once:
You have the choice. You will receive 500 EUR every day for 30 days. The second option is 1 cent on the first day, 2 cents on the second day, and the previous day's amount is doubled. Which variant would you choose?

If you receive 500 EUR per day for 30 days, you will end up with 15,000 EUR. If you opt for variant 2, you would have an amount of EUR 5,368,709.12 after 30 days.

People are unable to rationally perceive exponential growth and complex things. Even if it is difficult to admit that to us. In our individual coaching sessions and seminars, we use many practical examples to illustrate the limits of human thinking and rational decision-making to companies and organizations.

Artificial Intelligence systems can play a key role in companies and organizations, adopting a variety of content production, content publishing, channel marketing, targeting, and content delivery processes in online portals and shop systems.

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