Project management as a foundation for sustainability and success

The resources and energy involved in optimization processes are limited and should be used intelligently.

Due to the increasingly complex offerings and services in the Internet sector, one can only stand out from the diversity of the market with innovative solutions and new developments.

Our activity is not primarily characterized by services on existing product platforms but rather by new processes and technologies.

Together with our customers and projects with innovative solutions and new developments in the field of Internet, we are exploring new ways of using this medium. Contrary to a multitude of suppliers on the market who only use modular systems, existing open-source solutions try to press into a customer project, whereby ultimately the project of the customer is impressed on an existing system, the project always stands in the foreground for us.

Together with the customer we search for the best concept and support it with our know-how in the implementation.

How often do we experience that companies focus on compensating for weaknesses and deficits? But as long as they do that, they remain mediocre, and that's as valuable as water in the ocean. But as you focus on your strengths, you position yourself clearly and stand out from the competition and the gray crowd. Only in this way are excellence and top results possible.

The resources and energy involved in optimization processes are usually limited and limited. So it is crucial to use available resources wisely and intelligently. In situations of stagnation, one can focus on minimizing costs and investment, or adjusting on the other side of the set screw to increase sales and sales.

Especially in this area, the CEO of TurboVision and Senior Consultant, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Melde, in-depth know-how. So far, he has built up 5 companies in 3 countries and positioned them, with numerous patents and new developments, in some cases as market leaders through their customer-specific solutions and products in the market segments. The fact that this is possible even without outside capitalization, honored the certification issued by Bisnode in 2014 with AAA.

In a recent case study, we have selected a fitting example to illustrate, in the case of a website optimization, what a difference it can be to focus on weaknesses or strengths.

In the current example, the websites of two 4-star hotels with roughly the same positioning on the market and similar contents in German and English were simultaneously observed over a period of several months. Clearly, the aspect of SEO is beyond question and we provide our clients with numerous project tools and options, such as sitemap generators, meta-optimizations and on-page analysis directly in the backend. In addition, the administrators of the projects here have plenty of room for further optimizations.

While Hotel A is committed to focusing on the content, and here primarily on the visible content with relevant content for the user and to position themselves here with interesting texts and content, Hotel B tried only to promote the SEO, and this in filigree Finishing work and tuning of all possible side elements, which the visitor ultimately does not catch the eye or are only visible in the source code of the pages. We were the Case B from the outset rather skeptical and have advised the customer to chase here no shadow, where you do not even know from which angle the light shines tomorrow. But in Case B, as much as 150 percent more resources were spent on doing just that. The bottom line was Google's measurable index, which ultimately rated Hotel A 130 percent higher than Hotel B.

What was done? Hotel B tried meticulously to avoid "flaws and weaknesses" in the SEO in every detail, whereby here also finally a "shadow hunt" took place, because considering that Google alters the algorithm well over a hundred times a year, so you can well imagine which illusion one chases after. What is considered optimal today may well be history tomorrow, though you do not even know if what you take for granted today is still up to date. Rather, Hotel A has come to appreciate its strengths, namely the offerings and variety of services itself, which ultimately reflect not only in clearly understandable content for the visitor to the website but ultimately also in a better rating by the search engines.

Last but not least, one should also look at statistical facts that are not just for product development. In the end, product optimization and perfection take the last 3 percent of development effort to consume about 80 percent of all resources, with less than 1 percent of users seeing a difference.

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