Solutions targeting and customizing

You have to understand the target audience and create online products that are exactly the same. User behavior should be transferred into habits to create long-term relationships and generate maximum customer lifetime value.

We have been active in the area of ​​the Internet and the development of software for tourism, wellness, hotels, spas and spas for well over twenty years. Where traditional software and Internet solutions reach their limits, the human mind can no longer keep pace, we use artificial intelligence and create products for the management of data of maximum complexity at the highest mathematical level.

The claim to excellence does not go far enough, we want to achieve something extraordinary. World-leading companies and their long-standing trust in our products and services are proof of that; Project realization for companies with a market share of more than $ 30 billion, customers in 20 countries.

We do not look at the projects primarily from a technical point of view and how content is produced and published quickly and easily. We look at projects primarily from the point of view of our customers and the markets that serve our customers, and therefore also the view of the customers and users of our customers. In some cases completely different approaches are pursued, but the goal of all projects is the same: to reach a large market with a broad target group and to focus on the primary goal of our customers.

In the last 10 years alone, our planned and realized online and software projects have generated an average return of over four thousand percent on the investment.

It is no longer enough to publish content and hope that customers storm the online stores and portals and buy or book. You have to understand the target audience and create online products that are exactly the same. User behavior should be transferred into habits to create long-term relationships and generate the highest possible customer lifetime value, the sum of all investments made by a user and a customer. Habits can be very positive for business and the business if you know how to shape them accordingly. With habitual products you can change the user and customer behavior. In addition, this results in an enormous potential for viral growth.

For years, we have been advising some of the leading companies in the sector very successfully, and long-term studies have shown that an average doubling of online sales within 5 years is realistic, even for already well established companies.

The courage to decide, defeat fears and be successful

There is a constant interplay between fear and success, the driving forces that are still deeply rooted in evolution. Most decisions made in the search for security and motivation are made by fear, decisions that are dominated by fear of mistakes and block possible success in the beginning.

The pursuit of success and freedom is what drives, inspires, and motivates successful businesses and projects. But if we do not follow this aspiration, all our actions will be determined by fear of wrong choices, fear of failure, and the pursuit of security, and we will never know how successful we are in blocking all paths. For the most part, companies are far from having a business existence that is dependent on the development and success that entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the company dream of. They often lack the necessary courage to seek decisions and solutions away from the mainstream and the masses. Whoever does what everyone does will reap what everyone reaps. If you're looking for top-notch, you have to be prepared to take individual and sometimes risky paths, make decisions that are beyond the usual standard and comfort zone, and be inspired by great values ​​and goals.

Unfortunately, all too often we experience entrepreneurship and business decision makers wince when our consultants talk about solutions that exceed mediocrity, and possibly also the current horizon of what will be possible in the coming years. The world has changed massively in recent years. Not only the globalization of the economy, the networking of people worldwide through the Internet, but also the shift of markets will affect all companies, products and services in the future.

So today we can not think about what was yesterday or what it is today. We must be prepared to look to the future with vision and to discover opportunities that companies can take advantage of.

In today's rapidly changing business world, especially online and online markets, entrepreneurs who take no risks, those who risk their business, and ultimately are unable to do so, are at a tremendous pace of change Keep up.

Often it is the fear of making wrong decisions, of losing money, which ultimately leads to losing. Decision-makers are often driven by the fear of making mistakes and are ultimately content with mediocrity. In the process, they are mostly closed to great success.

Instead of doing something, even at the risk of failing, they fall into the trap of over-analyzing, waiting, then finally doing nothing, or just doing what everyone else is doing. But how can one become better and more successful than the competitors in the market? Without visions and the courage to take a big step, you continue to move in small steps and usually occurs only on the spot.

We have not seldom seen decisions about thousands of euros being analyzed back and forth, with the result that they ultimately do not make the investment and then cancel the option of several hundred thousand euros in success. In the same way, we have realized customer projects and advised clients who were prepared to invest fifty or one hundred thousand euros in the future of online markets and have built up a multi-million business over the years.

The consultation and use of the services of professional consultants and project designers is in our opinion indispensable. The nature of an investment decides how successful the project and the company will be in the future. And this is not only true for the online business, but it also affects competitiveness, cash flow and the system, which is the basis for future activities of the company in the markets.

It is similar to the design and construction of a house. Here you can not come up with designs on the drawing board, take the cheapest craftsmen and refrain from architectural services and the know-how of structural engineers. It is already quite clear, before which pile of scrap is. Knowledge gaps will ultimately cost a lot of money, in the form of further additional and mostly unnecessary extra investment and in the form of lost profits and lost market shares.

We have set up companies in different countries and sometimes very differentiated markets and successfully positioned them in the market. We have realized customer projects in 20 countries, in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, North America, the Baltic States and the United Arab Emirates. The software solutions and applications developed for our customers are used in over one hundred languages worldwide. Every year, more than 10 million users access TurboVision's online applications and software solutions.

Products with targeting and habits

University studies show that four out of every five people use their smartphone for several minutes every day after getting up, it is estimated that there are more than 150 uses per day on average. Activities that take place in most cases without any necessary occasion, are usually just a result of habit.

For a long time it is no longer just the aspect of how good or bad a product or a service is. If a company wants to be successful in the marketplace with its products, it is rare for the fact that customer habits have an important influence on the customer's decision. Habits determine all our lives and affect nearly 50 percent of our daily actions. When a business takes advantage of this and creates a relationship with the customer that makes it a habit to use the company's products or services, it creates a potential that most companies are unaware of.

It is no longer enough just to create a product that is better than the competition. As soon as habits are developed at the customer, they will continue to use products that are demonstrably not so innovative or even better. Habits also create more tremendous competitive advantages, such as viral growth, that even the best advertising campaigns with huge investment can barely beat.

Creating the products that lead to automatic actions, habits, even tending to use the product or perform actions on the part of the customer and the people who use it, even if there is no reason to do so, is key in the modern day Marketing, which enables companies to generate greater customer loyalty and revenue, even with massive investments in marketing.

We have been advising and supporting companies worldwide for many years, including global market leaders, but especially companies in the tourism, hotel, wellness, spa, spas and baths sectors for their orientation in the online segment. It is very important to set triggers and create incentives for the customer, which in turn follow actions and ultimately contribute to the success of the company through investments by the customer and their activities.

With TurboVision's patented Hybrid Website Technology alone, many actions within this cycle can be optimized and controlled. It is no longer enough just to publish content and websites in the classic sense. It is necessary to prepare users of relevant content who support the habit-forming processes.


Create competitive advantages with custom-made products

We have been active in various markets with our projects for many years and see the new challenges in the competition every day. Today it is not enough anymore to have a website and to run an online shop in the hope that the customers will find me and buy me.

And even with almost perfected SEO it makes little sense if the customers find me, but the sales still fall far short of expectations. The customers in the online business "tick" differently than the classic customer in the shopping center and this is where successful companies set themselves apart from the competition.

The success figures of the customer projects realized by us speak for themselves, as well as the fact that we have expanded their online business for some of our customers into the double-digit million range and this also with a lasting positive development for years.

Understanding the importance of habits-building measures results in improved viral growth, increased customer lifetime value, and improved price flexibility.

When habits have evolved, they become established and users and customers stick to them. The development of strong consumer habits brings enormous competitive advantages for companies and a demarcation from the competition, which has made it difficult for customers to acquire them due to their habit training.

We consider the projects planned, accompanying and developed not only from a technical point of view, but also from a psychological point of view and the point of view of the user and customer. Only in this way can long-term success-oriented platforms be set up. This is exactly where the Hybrid Website Technology developed by us makes a decisive contribution, as we already analyze the user behavior on the backend side and thus produce relevant content and use it in the sense of habit-forming structures.


The meaning and use of mental triggers

For the success of a project, a product launch and a business model in general, it becomes necessary to become aware of the role and power of mental triggers and to intertwine them with the entire sales process and the process of customer loyalty.

Often our subconscious mind decides whether we accept or reject things, find a product or service good or bad. Due to the wealth of information and impressions that we are exposed to daily, we can not be able to evaluate every single situation consciously and logically. The variety of stored information in our subconscious takes away this task and so we are able to spontaneously filter things and situations and make decisions in fractions of a second. Often, we only use our minds to evaluate and justify our decision based on our experience.

Just as we, as a child, learned in our first experience with a hot stove that heat causes us pain, so this information is stored as a memory deep in our subconscious and allows us to evaluate similar situations without the active use of our mind in milliseconds and To recognize dangerous situations. Through the experiences of our past and the associated memories, we are shaped and programmed for what we do today, the way we make decisions, and whether we are open-minded or skeptical about things.

In general, every externally initiated and acting sales process triggers an internal state of alarm, accompanied by skepticism, doubt and indecision. Unless we have already decided to purchase a specific product or service. And the stronger this urge we feel, the more our alert level increases. Add to this the fact that every day our brain is exposed to thousands of advertising messages, whether on television, radio, on the Internet or in magazines. Without filters in our subconscious we would be helplessly exposed to this wealth of information. These also help us with our decisions and determine the way in which we allow advertising messages to permeate us.

Just as advertising seeks to circumvent these automatisms of our subconscious, so we should be aware of the power of mental triggers.

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