Implement intelligence and make a quantum leap

Why our strategic profile is a quantum leap for our clients' projects

The world is changing day by day, and the speed of the information age is skyrocketing. If we are not ready to keep up, we miss the connection and do not catch up. If we refuse to look to the future to try to see a vision of what might be possible, we will join in with the crowd and chase the current trends like shadows. It is those who cling to their old ideas, those who are left behind.

Businesses and organizations need visionaries and people with courage and a willingness to make decisions that may seem illusory to us from the current perspective we view the world today. If we change our perspective, we also change our perspective and perception. We have to be willing to question existing ideas and trends, because if we do not, somebody else does it for us. The key issue is that companies have to look at online banking profit curves from a different perspective and move them proactively so as not to be drowned out in the gray crowd and not perceived. But even more important than the perception and cracking of the increasingly low attention threshold of users is the result, which ultimately reflects in the true success parameters such as net profits and contribution margins.

Benefit for your online business of the future from the experience of more than twenty-five years of research and collaboration with small, medium and large companies as well as global players and projects on an international level. Our development of algorithms and artificial intelligence is based on information and the observation of user behavior as well as the analysis of different target groups in different markets worldwide. For this purpose, the behavior of people from over one hundred countries was examined. The findings and conclusions result from information and data from more than 20 million hours of Internet use in projects that were realized on the basis of own software developments. These are the activities of well over a billion online minutes in which users have accessed software projects and web portals. With the change in the utility curves in companies and organizations, almost inexhaustible potential can be developed.

The approaches of classic agencies are quite limited and hardly distinguishable. Here, one orients on popular disciplines such as design, content publishing, SEU, social media, service and mobility, with the quality level of low-level and premium providers sometimes gaping.

But these are not the primary levers that actually have an essential impact on economic success. In the future it will be crucial and decisive which portal uses the more intelligent algorithms, which creates a better architectural basis, which strategic measures are crucial for success and which approaches are groundbreaking. When it comes to postponing utility curves, this not only applies to the user, the market and the customers, but equally to the companies and organizations. Ultimately, you can break any action down to a common number: the net profit that is derived as the measure of traffic, conversion, and cash flow.

In the future, web sites will be amorphous structures whose components are composed of a multitude of objects and are controlled by intelligent sensors. Algorithms calculate the output according to the expectations, relevance and psychological profiles of users and portal visitors. The design elements to be presented will vary and take a direct, but individual, impact on user behavior and purchasing decisions.

Portals need to be flexible and adaptable in design and content so that the utility curves shift in a positive direction. Hundreds of thousands of visitors coming at different times, from different places with differentiated and subjective expectations, ultimately means no less than being aware of the fact that one should best meet one hundred thousand individual psychological profiles. Such requirements can be approached via methods which include, but are not limited to, based on linear and logistic regression and control algorithms. These in turn can influence which content in which form leads to the best values in the conversion funnel.

For mobile websites, it is necessary to provide the content for smartphones in terms of data, design, text, image and video material in an optimized form. Our redSHARK algorithms make it possible to speed up the output of websites on mobile devices by more than 500 percent.

Not every web project is suitable for generating sales. But in general, behind any entrepreneurial activity, that should be one of the primary goals. Unfortunately, most web site operators do not understand how to actually implement the project so that it becomes an asset of the business rather than an investment.

Often, partners who lack the visionary foresight and above all the accounting and financial know-how as well as the experience in dealing with complex economic systems are involved. However, this is precisely where a long-term cooperation with global companies and industry market leaders as well as experience in the development of accounting systems is required. For sustainable projects you need consultants who know exactly where the sensitive lever mechanisms are that you have to tackle to successfully tackle and implement a project. If done correctly, you can achieve an exponential effect.

Sustainability means companies generate a return of many hundreds or even thousands of dollars for every EUR spent and projects achieve double-digit percentage annual increases in results. Not only do they control inflation, they also proactively impact competition and markets.

The value of huge amounts of data is worth only as much as the intelligence of the system that it uses and evaluates. We develop systems based on Artificial Intelligence that will increasingly replace manual processes. But this claim alone does not go far enough. We pursue the vision of creating assets through Artificial Intelligence.

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