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Content Intelligence System (CIS) - dominancia v online biznise budúcnosti

Použitie Content Intelligence System (CIS) je prvým, ale rozhodujúcim krokom v smerovaní k ďalšiemu a presvedčivému štádiu technologického vývoja.

No matter where data is administered and for which channels they were originally produced, with the CIS desk.VISION all information is centrally organized and can not only compile relevant and situational content by algorithms and processes of artificial intelligence, but also the benefit-benefit curve on page of the company as well as that of the customer.

Since the composition of the content components is subject to permanent dynamics, different basic elements of the portal are brought into direct dependence and can influence each other. In addition to the main content of a page, this interplay with dynamic factors that are subject to constant change and bring the overall result of the page in dynamics. The results we achieve in research projects and case studies of realized projects are self-explanatory.

With over twenty years of experience in developing production planning, sales, controlling, accounting, TurboDat™, Invenis™ and InfraFeed™, redSHARK and desk.VISION software for web applications and portals, with hundreds of thousands of customer Web sites on the net, one Frequent use of the top applications beyond the 100 million is the core of our business the intensive and long-term partnership with our customers. Many years of project support resulted in numerous new products on the market, which now have a uniform platform in desk.VISION and can be modularly installed and modified in a project-oriented manner.

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